Bilingual/Bicultural Studies focus on the intersection between the politics of language and culture and the new global realities of the 21st century. The objective of the CB/BS is to examine the history as well as the current ramifications of translingual, transnational, and transcultural phenomena. It is particularly concerned with the impact of crossing linguistic boundaries on patterns of communication, creative practices, identity formation and the cultural politics of the diaspora.

One of the Center's central activities is the sponsoring visits (for one day, one week or one semester) by authors who write in a language (or languages) other than their mother-tongue. The CB/BS also sponsors conferences and lecture series, offers resources, and centralizes information and materials that concern what is, increasingly, the daily reality of individuals, work place and families both in the United States and internationally.


The Isabelle de Courtivron Writing Prize

The Isabelle de Courtivron Prize is an award for student writing on topics related to immigrant, diaspora, bicultural, bilingual, and/or mixed-race experiences. This writing prize has been established by MIT's Center for Bilingual/Bicultural Studies in order to honor distinguished Professor Emerita Isabelle de Courtivron, one of the original founders of the CB/BS, and to reward high quality undergraduate writing (creative or expository). The Prize was established on the occasion of Professor de Courtivron’s retirement in 2010.

The Isabelle de Courtivron Prize is open to all MIT undergraduate students and is awarded on an annual basis. Entries are judged by a panel of faculty and/or professional writers. The winner will receive a prize of $400 and the winning submission will be featured on the CB/BS website.